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Welcome to my website!

I am a Cinematographer, known for my drama lighting and for specialist skills in Visual Effects photography which earned me a Prime Time Emmy Award.

My career has taken me across the world, often giving me privileged access to extraordinary places. I was also fortunate to have been in the film industry at a time of huge change as it moved from photo-chemical film to the digital age.

The effect of digital technology on my stills is profound. Post processing fascinates me as much as taking the photograph and I do not restrict myself to one signature look. Instead I always try to apply a style that is appropriate for that particular image.

Which is of course what any cinematographer would do in keeping with the script.

Much of the content is for sale in a variety of sizes, clicking on the shopping basket will give you the options available. All printing is carried out by Loxleys, one of the Europes finest producers of images, small, medium or very, very large.

I hope you enjoy my website. It will expand a lot over the coming months so please come back to see what’s new!